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What Are Brand Ambassadors and How Can They Help You?

For companies of all sizes, successful marketing should always involve a wide variety of tactics. One of the most trendy digital marketing methods is the brand ambassador. What is a brand ambassador? How can brand ambassadors help your business expand its outreach, improve brand recognition and authority, and ultimately attract new customers? What is a […]

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How to Win with Outreach Marketing the Easy Way

When it comes to marketing strategies, many companies tend to place the majority of their focus on publicizing their products and services to as wide an audience as possible. What they fail to realize is that outreach marketing can be a much more effective way of advertising to both old and new customers. To define […]

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Saving Time & Money with The Birthday Company

As the President and Founder of Physician Family Financial Advisors, Ben Utley knows the importance of saving time and money.  That’s why he reaches out to his clients, family, and friends by mailing automated cards and gifts.  And there is only one company he uses: The Birthday Company. In his recent blog post, “I LOVE the […]

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