Automated Greeting Card Mailing Service

for Financial Professionals

Special Features

Prices for our customer appreciation gifts range from $2.95 to $55.95, satisfying all budgets. There are NO service or management fees. You only pay for the cards and gifts we mail on your behalf.

Gift & Card Selections
We rotate dozens of client birthday gifts and cards in the mailings so your clients will never receive the same birthday package twice. Whether its gourmet chocolates, specialty candies, fancy brittles, delicious toffees, or a Starbucks Card, you know your clients will open their birthday gift with delight.

fully automated
Once the birthday package is mailed, your client is automatically rescheduled to receive a different birthday package the following year from the same price category you selected for them. This means you'll never miss another birthday again!

return addresses
The return address on your client's mailing is always your address. We do this because most people will immediately look at the return address to see who sent the package. This gives your client the impression the gift was produced and mailed from your office, making it more personal.

your signature
After creating your account, you will have the option to email us your actual signature to be printed on all greeting cards mailed to your clients. We've improved this function to the point that the scanned signatures even fools a lot of our customers and their clients. Combine that with your return address on the shipping label, and that our name is NOT listed anywhere on the card, gift, or packaging, and you're clients will assume you signed the card and mailed the package yourself.

free data entry & easy setup
Simply create your account here on the website and send us an excel spreadsheet of client names, addresses, and birthdays (month & day) via email. We'll enter your clients into your password protected account for you. There is NO fee for this service and it allows us to ensure your account is setup properly, leaving more time for you to do what you do best---Financial Planning.

your account
After we enter your clients in your password protected account, you can access the account any time. This allows you to easily add and delete clients, and change greetings, mailing addresses, and gift sizes. Changes can be made up to the day the gifts are mailed, which is 5 - 7 days prior to your client's birthday. Your account options allow you to view-sort your clients by name, birthday, city, zip code, and company. We are also happy to manage your account for you via email, fax, or phone, and at NO additional cost.

made in u.s.a.
All gifts and greeting cards are of the highest quality and are made here in America. The food gifts (gourmet chocolates, specialty candies, fancy brittles, delicious toffees) are sealed in plastic for quality assurance and come with an ingredients & nutrition label.

no minimums
There are NO "minimum number of client" requirements for Financial Advisors, making it easy to use our corporate gift services for small client lists. You can also start this service for just one month or for a few client mailings to properly evaluate its effectiveness. We help keep your costs down while letting your clients know you care.

no contracts
There is NEVER a contract or obligation for our client gift services. There are NO membership or service fees. You only pay for the cards and gift mailed on your behalf. All Services can be terminated at any time.

additional marketing services
After your clients' names and addresses are in our database, we can send gifts for any occasion. Whether it's a birthday, holiday, anniversary, thank you, or congratulations, we make it easy and cost effective to show your client appreciation.

billing & invoices
You will receive an invoice (via email) at the end of each month listing that month's mailings with names and birthdays. This email will help you in tracking your marketing expenses and the effectiveness of the birthday gifts. Your credit card will be charged for the mailings on the first day of the following month.

Your account and database are username and password protected and safe with us. Because you setup the username and password yourself, you control who has access to your account. Your client list is your property and under NO circumstances will we solicit your clients. Under NO circumstances will your account and client information be shared, distributed, or sold. The information in your account is for the sole purpose of gift mailings to your clients only, and is your property.