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October 7, 2019

There are many customer appreciation ideas and strategies out there, but why is it important if we can always get more customers through advertising? Let’s learn about client appreciation, its importance in business, and how you can appreciate your clients in an easy and effective way.

The Purpose of Client Appreciation

  • Simply put, no customers = no business. While you are probably the best there is at what you do that does not mean that you have a monopoly. Your customers chose you and being thankful about that fact and showing your appreciation to them will always go a long way.
  • A happy client can help you build engagement and create more referrals for you.
  • Client appreciation helps boost your credibility, increase awareness of you and your brand, and gives your clients a chance to see you in a more human way.
  • Showing heartfelt gratitude, like sharing a memorable moment or memory you made with them, or sending them customer appreciation gifts, can go a long way and can create a stronger bond.
  • A client who feels appreciated by you is more than likely to stick with you and invest more.

Increasing Customer Retention

  • Demonstrating client appreciation can help to improve your work relationship with your clients and increase client loyalty and retention.
  • Client retention is important, the cost of bringing on a new customer or client is estimated to be around 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.
  • In financial services, increasing retention rates by 5% is estimated to increase profits by 25% – 95%.
  • Showing client appreciation and improving your client experience to increase your client retention should be a key focus area for all financial advisers.

Making Time for Appreciation & Saying Thank You

  • Client appreciation will benefit you and your firm more than you can imagine. Use one or more of the customer appreciation ideas below on a consistent basis.
  • When you are expressing your gratitude to your client, be genuine, in showing appreciation to them, show that you took the time out of your day to acknowledge them and their milestones.
  • Make it part of your day-to-day task to show appreciation in some form to your clients. There are ways to incorporate this into your daily routine.

Actively Listen and Celebrate Milestones

  • Listening to your clients is important for improving the relationship and building trust.
  • Listening can also help with demonstrating your appreciation because you will be able to remember specific things about your clients.
  • Taking notes about specific details will help you follow up and ask more specific questions, which will show that you paid attention and that you care.
  • When you ask specific questions and details can help you come up with customer gift ideas ideas when necessary.
  • When your client succeeds, you succeed, so you should celebrate that together.
  • When you set goals, you can also plan out how you will celebrate and if you will be giving them a gift.

Using Greeting Card Services

Here at The Birthday Company, we provide businesses an easy way to show appreciation by sending cards and gifts to your clients on Birthdays and Special occasions.

  • Gifts are proven to be an important and successful part of a customer’s loyalty. I mean, who doesn’t like to get gifts?
  • Here at the Birthday Company, we have a lot of gifts that can help you “thank” your client, celebrate a special occasion.

For Birthdays

It’s in our name and its something we excel at. We remember your customer’s birthdays print and have customized birthday cards that we rotate so your clients will never receive the same card twice.

  • We have dishwasher/microwave safe birthday mugs that are colorful and bright that can make anyone happy on their special day.
  • We also have birthday wine glasses for all the wine lovers out there.
Customer Appreciation Gifts

For Other Occasions

  • We have a smiley face mug that is guaranteed to put a smile on your client’s face.
  • For the clients who travel frequently, we have leather passport covers and luggage tags made through Mission Made.
  • For the chocolate and candy lovers, we have multiple different gift boxes full of gourmet chocolates, specialty candies, fancy nut brittle, toffees, or healthy nut clusters.
  • We also carry a varieties of gift cards from Dunkin and Starbucks, to some of the best dining options out there like the Darden and Bloomin chains.

Conclusion: Be There When It Matters

There are so many different ways you can express gratitude to your client. You just need to be consistent and genuine, and that you enjoy celebrating them. Be there through the good times and the bad times.  Even the smallest gesture or gift can go a long way with your clients.


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