Automated Greeting Card Mailing Service

for Financial Professionals

October 28, 2019

As the President and Founder of Physician Family Financial Advisors, Ben Utley knows the importance of saving time and money.  That’s why he reaches out to his clients, family, and friends by mailing automated cards and gifts.  And there is only one company he uses: The Birthday Company.

In his recent blog post, “I LOVE the Birthday Company,” Utley writes about the ease of sending automated birthday cards and gifts through The Birthday Company. 

“Recently I needed to get some paperwork signed by a subset of clients en masse, and I wanted to make the process FUN, so I set up a deadline with an incentive to return the paperwork by that date: a $10 Starbucks gift certificate. But don’t get me wrong, I didn’t drive to Starbucks, buy the gift cards, buy some thank you cards, print envelopes, lick stamps, and walk to the mailbox. That would be old school. Nope. I just logged into my account with The Birthday Company…I sent four cards in less than five minutes…It was so easy.”

The Birthday Company’s system is user friendly and it takes just minutes to set up an account. In addition to birthdays, they also offer a wide variety of special occasion cards and gifts. There are no set up fees, no contracts, and no minimum number of client requirements.  Additionally, every envelope is printed with the sender’s return address and scanned signature. Each high-resolution signature is so realistic; the recipient assumes their card was hand-signed. 

 Mr. Utley explains;

“There are a few other things I like about The Birthday Company:

– There are REAL, LIVE PEOPLE who answer the phone, and it’s the same people every time
– They send birthday reminders
– The system is ultra-simple
– The cards are NICE (they look like what you would find at a Hallmark store)
– They leave no trace (there’s precisely zero branding by The Birthday Co on the actual card or envelope)

Oh, and one more thing: their pricing is reasonable.”

Making client appreciation simple and affordable is The Birthday Company’s specialty. For more information, please visit


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