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October 18, 2020

Just about every business can benefit from a more hands-on approach to customer relations. One of the best ways to establish a strong bond between your customers and your brand is to connect with your customers as individuals. Sending a greeting card (rather than an email, or worse, mass email) can add a personal touch that customers will remember and appreciate. 

While sending greeting cards for business clients or customers can have an incredibly positive impact on customer loyalty and retention rates, it can be hard to know when to send these cards. Here are some ideas of good times to send your custom greeting cards. 

Stay connected to your clients and make them feel extra special throughout the year with these great greeting card tips!

Customer anniversary

Celebrate a customer’s first purchase or first use of your service with a customer anniversary greeting card. By including a personalized message about the importance of their custom, you should easily be able to gently guide them towards making another purchase or using your services again. 

Make sure this card is specific and personal to the customer. Remind them of what they received last time they dealt with your company, explain how your company has grown and changed since their last experience, and give them easy-to-follow instructions for how they can get in touch with you or repeat their purchase this time around. You might even offer them a discount as a returning customer.

An anniversary email may be overlooked or end up in the spam folder, but an attractive personal card will be much more appreciated and show you value the relationship.

Customer birthday

Greeting cards for business client birthdays are always a huge hit. People love to feel that their birthdays are special—no matter how old they are turning! Send a personal birthday card and offer your customer a special free service or discount in honor of their big day. Make sure to use a personalized birthday card that the customer will like — it’s a good way to be “top-of-mind” with your customers, without the “advertise-yness”. 

Try to send off birthday cards a few weeks in advance to ensure they arrive on time, and so your card will not get upstaged by other birthday cards! 


Holiday greeting cards are a wonderful way to show your company’s thoughtful side. Receiving a personalized festive card from a business shows the client that you care about them as individuals and will stop you from coming across as just a money-focused organization. Send out business holiday cards to all of your customers to improve their sense of connection and loyalty to the brand.

To alert them of a promotion

If you have a sale or promotion coming up at your company, send a card to give certain customers exclusive access or notice. This personal touch will make clients feel a greater sense of loyalty and a greater connection to your company—which in turn, may result in their taking part in the promotion.

Be sure to give the client plenty of notice by sending off your card at least a month before the promotion kicks off.

birthday bow box card

With a purchase or as a follow-up to a service

Following up is crucial in any business. A follow-up can make the client feel special and important, which will have the psychological effect of making them feel more linked to the company. This relationship will result in recurring purchases.

Instead of sending the traditional follow-up email, go the extra mile by sending a handwritten note. In the note, be sure to give them more information about what they can expect from your product, a friendly guide on how they can make the most of your product, and even ask them if there is anything else you can help with. This opens up a dialogue between you and the customer, which, again, can result in an ongoing relationship.

When is the perfect time to follow up? Well, in most cases, around 1-2 weeks after the customer’s initial contact. This is the sweet spot before they completely forget about you, and after they’ve had a few days to consider the service or product your company offers. 

The bottom line

Sending greeting cards for business purposes can be a fantastic way to create a sense of loyalty between you and the customer. Plus, they are much more intimate and personal than a bland, generic email. Whether you are sending a holiday card or a specific follow-up, make sure you handwrite your note and use a beautiful card. Show your customers you are willing to go the extra mile for them and stay front-and-center in their minds.

The Birthday Company can help you simplify this process and make the most of your time by handling all the heavy lifting for you! Get your free sample now and see how we can help you establish better connections with your clients.


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