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December 29, 2020

The benefits of sending business greeting cards are many. Whether your business is brand new, or you’ve been around for years, it’s never too early or too late to start investing in greeting cards.

Sending greeting cards to your customers can have a myriad of benefits. It’s a simple action that rarely costs much, but done right, can provide a remarkable return on investment. The cost of a card does not compare to the cost of losing an extra purchase or a returning customer, which makes the savings a no-brainer for the majority of businesses.

In fact, it’s a frequently overlooked part of successful marketing. Wondering why business greeting cards can help your business? Here are some of the benefits you’ll begin to notice almost immediately.

6 Benefits of Sending Business Greeting Cards

Stand out from the crowd

With more and more businesses springing up each day, it has never been more important to stand out from the crowd. Every time you stand out and show your customers why they have to choose you over your competitors, you cut through all the marketing noise online and through other media.

Sending personalized business greeting cards in the mail will instantly give you an edge that few other businesses possess. Because greeting cards are relatively rare in the world of business these days, they’re an excellent way to stand out. 

Build a personal relationship with the customer

In business, your relationship with customers matters. As Entrepreneur notes, customer relationships are a key part of winning over customers and keeping them loyal to your brand. One excellent way to build this type of strong relationship is to exceed their expectations.

Going above and beyond to deliver for your customers shows them that your company is reliable, friendly, and worth the investment. And what better way to exceed expectations than sending a personalized greeting card and even a gift? A card that asks for nothing, but simply thanks the customer for their business is the ultimate way to show your customers you will always be willing to go the extra mile, which in turn, will greatly strengthen your relationship.

Keep your business top-of-mind

“Top of mind awareness” tactics are frequently used in marketing. Essentially, it means that brand awareness has reached the point where people automatically think of your business when they think of your service or product. 

With tactical marketing, you can ensure that your customers think of your business every time they need your product. In turn, this leads to higher rates of customer loyalty.

Greeting cards serve as a gentle, friendly reminder of your business, helping you beat out competition when it comes to top-of-mind awareness. Holiday business greeting cards can be particularly effective during a time of year where many customers make more purchases than normal, especially if you have seasonal products. 

Target your customers

Greeting cards offer you the opportunity to send messages that are highly personalized. By targeting your customers with different types of cards and different messages, you’ll be able to demonstrate care and thoughtfulness as a brand. Receiving a personalized message will give the customer the impression of a more intimate relationship with the business.

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Create a more lasting impression with physical business greeting cards

While you may be tempted by the simplicity and efficiency of e-cards, we would suggest that they pale in comparison to the real deal. With e-cards, customers will likely glance at the email before promptly sending it to their trash folder. 

However, with a real card, customers will appreciate the time taken to create the item, and, in turn, spend a little more time enjoying it. Often, it will end up on the desk or shelf for days or weeks on end, further encouraging top of mind awareness.

Build your reputation

Building a good reputation is an important aspect of any business’s growth. Businesses with bad reputations find it much harder to win over new customers, and sometimes find that their most loyal customers will desert them at a moment’s notice. In fact, roughly 3 out of 4 people base their opinions of businesses on reviews.

The takeaway

Greeting cards have loads of benefits when it comes to business. With a personalized, real greeting card, you can show your customers that you care about them as individuals. It’s a simple practice that can significantly improve your brand visibility, brand awareness, business reputation, customer loyalty, and top-of-mind awareness. 

Connecting with customers has never been more important than it is today, in a world where businesses face fiercer competition than ever and customers have grown wise to more obvious marketing tactics. With greeting cards, you’ll be able to forge a personal relationship with each and every customer.



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