Automated Greeting Card Mailing Service

for Financial Professionals

October 22, 2019

The Birthday Company, your only source for corporate birthday cards, has done it again!  As a new addition to their holiday line up of greeting card options for customers, they’ve added an elegant Happy Independence Day card. In addition to Birthday cards for clients we have, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Get Well, Sympathy, Congratulations, and Thank You card choices, customers can now choose to have 4th of July cards mailed to their clients.

The process is very easy. When a customer orders any holiday card for their clients, the team at The Birthday Company will copy the customer’s entire birthday list into the holiday and combine the same household mailings by address so only one card is sent to a household. Because the birthday list clients are combined by address, clients with different last names will also be combined. As with all corporate birthday cards mailed by The Birthday Company, the customers signature is printed in high resolution on the inside of the card and their return address is displayed on the envelope, giving their clients the impression the cards were signed and mailed directly from their Financial Adviser, Insurance Agent, Dentist, Doctor, Realtor, etc.

Used as an important marketing tool for professionals, The Birthday Company’s corporate birthday card services are designed to turn birthdays into business by encouraging company-client rapport. Establishing relationships with clients is vital to building future business. After all, it costs 10 times as much to acquire new clients than to keep old clients and sending timely birthday wishes for clients can ensure that repeat business you are looking for. But maintaining those relationships is the key to building a network of referrals.

Maintaining client relationships is the Birthday Company’s specialty. By simply creating a free, password-protected account at their website, sending in a list of client birthdays and addresses and choosing a budget, the Birthday Company will establish an automated birthday card program tailored for the professional’s industry.

After a gift budget has been established ($2.95 – $55.95), gifts like gourmet chocolates, specialty candies, fancy brittles, delicious toffees, music CDs and dozens of gift card choices can be included with the birthday, holiday, or special occasion card and is mailed to the client seven days prior to their birthday. Standard or personalized business greeting cards are sent with each client gift, and each mailing includes the company’s return address on the package.

The Birthday Company also offers free data entry and client list uploads, free signature and logo setup, and there are NO membership or service fees. The customer only pays for the cards and gifts mailed on their behalf and the account can be cancelled any time. As part of the service, customers can activate the Free Birthday Reminder feature, which will send a reminder via email the business day before their clients birthday. By now, the client would have already received the birthday card and gift and as most professionals know, this is the perfect time to call and personally wish clients a Happy Birthday.


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