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March 13, 2020

Corporate gifts for clients can be a great idea or a colossal flop spending can get out of hand, or say something that you don’t want to say to your clients . There’s no doubt about it – everyone loves receiving gifts. When words aren’t enough, gifts can be a great token of appreciation. That’s why it’s a great idea to send gifts to your clients. But what are the best corporate gifts for your clients as financial advisors? This article will help you choose the best business gift ideas to keep your customers coming back again and again.

We will also be exploring the impact a great client gift has on business relationships, and why it’s worth the effort in the end. Good gifts needn’t break the bank though, so we’ll be giving you some tips and tricks on choosing the best cheap client gifts too.

Choosing Great Value Corporate Gifts that Won't Break the Bank or Make You Look Cheap

Why should you send gifts to your clients?

  • It improves your brand 

Choosing corporate gifts for clients is an opportunity to make your business brand stand out. And when your customers have a great experience with your brand, they’re likely to talk about it to their professional network. With 74% of consumers identifying word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions, wouldn’t you agree that client gifts are worth the effort?

  • It shows you care

According to a study by Startup Business Box, 94% of people are highly likely to recommend a brand they were emotionally engaged with. By sending a corporate gift with a personal touch, it shows you’ve listened to them and you give yourself the chance to generate a positive emotional response.

  • It creates long-standing relationships

It’s often said that customer experience plays an important role in building long-term relationships. With one small act, you can improve your customer experience as well as your chances of repeat business.

How to come up with the best corporate gift ideas…

With so many corporate gifts for clients out there, it can be hard to find the one that will most likely hit the mark with your clients. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips for corporate gift-giving that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

  • Branded

While it is important that your corporate gift doesn’t come off as sales-y, a strategically placed logo or business name serves as a reminder of where the gift came from. This is especially important for useful gifts like calendars, diaries and pens. If someone asks where it is from months down the line, that visual cue could turn into a referral.

  • Personalized

While the gift itself doesn’t need to be personalized, it’s very important to include a personal note or greeting card. Aside from the traditional Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday, include a personal note appropriate to your relationship. Whatever you decide to include, ensure it isn’t cookie-cutter – standard templates can be spotted a mile off.

  • Well-timed

It goes without saying that it is important to ensure your corporate gift arrives on time. If it’s a birthday occasion, check you have the date correct and double-check with your courier that it will arrive on time. If you have lots of clients, this can be tricky, so some businesses opt to use an automated greeting card mailing service to support this activity.

  • Nicely presented

Whichever corporate gift idea you choose, stylish wrapping paper and a hand-written card can go a long way to impressing your client. When it comes to presenting your gift, we would always opt for mailing it rather than giving it to them in person. Firstly, it’s unlikely you’ll be seeing them on the actual occasion. Second, it avoids putting any pressure on the recipient to reciprocate in person – hopefully, they will offer you their loyalty in return.

  • Low effort, high impact

For companies that handle lots of clients, the best business gift ideas are the ones that require minimum effort for the effect they produce. After all, it could end up being expensive and time-consuming to send a gift to everyone in your customer base! Cheap client gifts that don’t take much time to arrange but still offer a personal touch are ideal. Gift baskets and greeting cards come out on top here, depending on your budget.

Choosing Great Value Corporate Gifts that Won't Break the Bank or Make You Look Cheap

The best corporate gifts are personal!

When it comes to impressing your clients, the best way to go is something affordable, low effort and personal. Consider purchasing something simple in line with their interests, like a good bottle of wine for a wine connoisseur or tickets to a concert for music fans. Even a card on its own, embellished with a personal message, can do the trick. And by using an automated greeting card mailing service, you can sit back while an expert ticks all the boxes for improving your relationships with clients.



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