The Birthday Company Announces Demo Video

The Birthday Company announced today the release of their demonstration video on The Birthday Company website. The demo video will take users through the ease of setting up an account. This simple how-to guide is a quick way to familiarize new and current users with the efficiency of sending automated cards and gifts to their clients.

The video features many great how-to instructions to make sending cards and gifts to clients completely effortless.  A key feature of the demo includes creating an account by completing a short information form and choosing your username, password, and main greeting. Among other things, the demo will also instruct how to send special occasion greetings and even edit the account holder information.

Sending out cards to clients is simple and quick with the Birthday Company’s automated system. And the best part is, once an account has been created, it can be fully accessed for changes or additions at any time. The Birthday Company will keep track of what gifts have been sent to which clients, and will never send the same gift twice.

Establishing relationships with clients is vital to building future business, which is why The Birthday Company’s corporate birthday card services are a great addition to any company. Maintaining client relationships is the Birthday Company’s specialty.  And that best part is that the easy automated system ensures that you will never miss another birthday! The Birthday Company helps to maintain your essential relationships which are the key to building a network of referrals.

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