The Birthday Company: A Truly Personalized Special Event Card Service

As a service that assists financial advisors in managing and developing their retirement plan practices, 401(k)Rekon values partnering with businesses that help their customers.

In their March 2011 newsletter, The Birthday Company was featured as one such business. They called The Birthday Company a “Truly Personalized Special Event Card Service.”

They write;

“Successful advisors everywhere know how important it is to keep a personal touch with clients and prospects. But it’s not easy to keep track of it all. One of our favorite personalized card services stands out as a cost-effective and simple-to-use solution: Starting at $2.95 per card, the service includes gift options at varying price levels. The following features make it a great resource for maintaining that personal touch with everyone on your list:

  • No contracts, setup fees, service fees, or minimum number of client requirements.
  • The signature(s) are printed in high resolution so they appear you signed the cards yourself.
  • Your return address appears on the envelope, and the logo (optional) is printed on the card.
  • All birthday card designs are rotated daily so clients never receive the same card twice.
  • Client birthday mailings are automatically rescheduled, so you’ll never miss another birthday.
  • Online secure access to your account to view, edit and manage all client mailings.
  • Free birthday reminder emails included with the service.”

The Birthday Company’s corporate birthday card service is user friendly and it takes just minutes to set up an account. In addition to birthdays, customers can choose from a wide variety of holiday and special occasion cards mailed for them. Customers only pay for what is mailed on their behalf and the price for all greeting cards is just $2.95, postage included. Customers can get signed up risk free because there are no set up fees, no contracts, and no minimum number of client requirements.

Additionally, every envelope is printed with the sender’s return address, giving recipients the impression it was mailed from the customer’s office. Best of all, the customer’s signature is printed in ultra-high-resolution which appears so realistic that recipients assume their card was hand-signed. The Birthday Company’s birthday card services are perfect for doctors, dentists, financial advisors or any company that needs to send out birthday cards.

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